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home repairs for low income

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I have been trying to find programs to help me repair my home. I do not qualify for

I have been trying to find programs to help me repair my home. I do not qualify for programs here in detroit. Tried all of them. Been paying out of pocket for some of the repairs. But still need help with the rest. Am a single mother. Yes I do work. Am willing to help work side by side with the repairs.
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kimcats   in reply to bobaloo11   on

I am in the same position as you are right now. Have you found any resources that you can share with me? I live in Cook County, Chicago, IL. Thank you, Kim
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Mortgage assistance, home repairs for low income: I have always been a huge giver and I hate to ask for help.

I have always been a huge giver and I hate to ask for help. But, my mother in law died this past February, my wife lost her job and I fell behind on my mortgage. I owe 1500 to the bank. I seriously need some help and willing to pay it back. I never thought that I would ever be in this situation. I have always been good at budgeting. After my mother in law died, its like everything that could go wrong with my home did. I had to be support for my wife that tested our faith and I have a young child that I had to really watch because she was so close to her. Somehow through all of that, I lost my focus and got behind on my mortgage. I am humbling myself and asking for help. If anyone can help me that would be a blessing. I dont want access to the money, it can be sent directly to my mortgage company. Thanks for taking time to read this. I can sustain my family from here on out. I just need a boost to get me back on track. Please pray about helping and when I am in a better position, I promise I will help others. Thank You.
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I am a disabled 54yr old man with a couple serious health issues. (85% of my stomach removed due to tumors, moderate to severe liver disease [N.A.S.H] and clinical depression). I live off social security disability. I am in need of some home repairs, my front door no longer opens (fire hazard) and the boards on my porch are rotten to the point that my roof is sagging because the base of the pillar that holds the corner of the roof has rotted. I hate to ask for help, but I could use some, I lack the knowledge or the man power to repair it. I have a couple credit cards but they're max'd out @$2000. (I could use some help with this also.)
Any help, be it materials, a couple of handy men or a few bucks would be helpful. I'm afraid the Township will notice my house and condemn it, if this happens, I'll be homeless and and that would be horrible since I'll have nowhere to go and it will probably only cost a few hundred $$ and a couple of strong backs to fix it up. Bless you for reading this, and please help.
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I am on SSI (fixed income) and have been trying to obtain home repair grant for unhealthy

I am on SSI (fixed income) and have been trying to obtain home repair grant for unhealthy living conditions. My home needs several repairs but I cannot qualify for any grants because I am behind on my 2nd mortgage. PLEASE HELP. If I don't repairs before winter my home will not make it. I cant afford to live anywhere else I have lived here for 15 years however I am in a bind being on fixed income. I suffer health issues due to unhealthy living cond.s
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I have a main breaker that blows every time I run my dryer. It doesn't blow the breaker

I have a main breaker that blows every time I run my dryer. It doesn't blow the breaker for the dryer, it blows the main breaker which is obviously much older than the other breakers. my central air and/or furnace doesn't blow the main breaker and I have had the dryer checked and there is no problem with the dryer. I need assistance to pay for an electrician to look at my electrical wiring and troubleshoot what is going on with this. My wife and I are in Des Moines, Iowa and are both on S.S. Disability
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is there a program in middle TN wilson CO to help with central air repair or replacement

is there a program in middle TN wilson CO to help with central air repair or replacement
hubby is on VA Pension and disabled
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onlyfairley   in reply to onlyfairley   on


I am a disabled homeowner in the Petworth neighborhood area in Washington, DC. I am in need of assistance for several things. I need some repairs done in my
home, also I need to make my home accessible for myself with my disabilities. Also I need assistance with my utility companies and mortgage assistance. I also need some help finding some legal assistance to help me with my mortgage company. I desperately need some help for my situations at hand. I would appreciate any and all information received by anyone that has any information that maybe able to help me. I would like to take the time to thank anyone in advance for their time, swiftness, and patience in this very sensitive and important matter. Thank you again and may God bless you all.
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Detroit, Michigan Senior Emergency Home Repair

Click Here For Website

Senior Emergency Home Repair Program
The Senior Emergency Home Repair Program provides for emergency related health and safety home repair assistance for low-income homeowners, 65 years of age or older and/or physically disabled and 55 years of age or older.  The City of Detroit, Planning and Development Department offers home repair grant opportunities citywide for a limited number of seniors, who reside within the City of Detroit. Applicants must meet low-income guidelines and be owner occupants. The maximum Senior Emergency Repair Grant is up to $12,000. Grants are used to correct serious code violations and/or emergency repairs.

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Applicant must be at least 65 years of age or older and/or physically disabled and 55 years of age or older
  • Applicant must be very low income
  • Applicant must own and occupy the home
  • Applicant must not have received a prior rehab/repair grant from City Programs

Examples of Eligible Emergency Home Repairs:
  • Furnaces
  • Plumbing
  • Roofs
  • Electrical systems
  • Structural Repairs

Examples of Ineligible Repairs:
  • Windows
  • Carpeting
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • All household appliances
  • Plaster, Drywall
  • Concrete-work / Driveways
  • Any item that is “Lead-Based Paint” related and would require a risk assessment.

For additional information regarding the Senior Emergency Home Repair Program, please call;

Housing Services Division
65 Cadillac Square, Suite 1700
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 224-3461
Hours:  8:30 am to 4:30 pm  (Monday-Friday)
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Riverside County, California Home Repair Programs For Low Income

Need a new roof, furnace or air-conditioner, plumbing repair, or a handicap ramp?

These repairs and many more are available through the EDA Home Repair programs. EDA can cover the cost of repairs up to a total of $6,000 with no loan or payback requirement if you meet the program guidelines:

  • Must Own Your Own Home
  • Meet Low-Income Guidelines

If you are disable and/or 62 years old or older, you may apply by calling the Riverside County, Office on Aging at 1.800.510.2020.

All other Riverside County residents may apply or obtain further program information from the EDA Home Repair office at 1.800.945.6171 or download and complete the application.

Who is Eligible?
What Areas Qualify for Home Repair Services?
Who Does the Work?
Need More Repairs?
Is Your Mobile Home Beyond Repair?
How Do I Apply?


Who is Eligible?

Home repair services are available to homeowners who are low-income based on the income limits table.

Additional eligibility requirements may apply based on the program you select. EDA staff will determine eligibility based on a review of application documents.

What Areas Qualify for Home Repair Services?

You must currently own a home in the Riverside County unincorporated area or in one of the following cities:

Banning La Quinta
Beaumont Menifee
Blythe Murrieta
Canyon Lake Norco
Cathedral City San Jacinto
Desert Hot Springs Temecula
Indian Wells Wildomar
Lake Elsinore  

The following cities are not eligible for the program, and assistance cannot be provided:

Calimesa Palm Desert
Coachella Palm Springs
Corona Perris
Hemet Rancho Mirage
Indio Riverside
Moreno Valley  

Who Does the Work?

The homeowner does not do the work. All work is performed by licensed, experienced contractors. EDA uses a competitive bid process for contractor selection to ensure the best work for a reasonable cost. Contractors are paid directly by EDA as work is completed.

Need More Repairs?

EDA offers additional services through the Home Rehabilitation Program, which can provide up to $20,000 for home repair services. This program is designed to cover several repair items or more costly repairs, such as, air conditioning repair, kitchen or bathroom repair, roof replacement, plumbing re-piping, electrical upgrade, or exterior painting. Repairs are prioritized by EDA based on health and safety concerns.

Because of the investment from this program the homeowner signs an agreement to maintain the property in good condition for ten years.

Is Your Mobile Home Beyond Repair?

Rehabilitation of a mobile home may not be feasible when structural or substandard conditions exist. If you qualify, EDA may replace the existing mobile home on your property using a combination of grant and loan funds.

How do I apply?

Prospective participants should download and complete the application.   The terms and conditions of the rehabilitation program are, from time to time, subject to change.

For complete information call:

Riverside County Economic Development Agency

Additional Resources:
Eastern Municipal Water District
Southern California Gas
Coachella Valley Water District
Southern California Edison
Riverside Public Utilities

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Turlock, California Home Repair Programs For Low Income

Click Here For Website

The City of Turlock’s Rehabilitation Loan program helps Home Owners and Investors preserve and upgrade their home(s) with a low interest loan. These funds are made possible through the Community Development Block Grant Funding program. The following information is a general over view of the program.

Funding Availability Status:

Applications are being accepted.

How do I qualify for assistance?

Home Owners:

  • Live in a home located within the city limits of Turlock that needs repair.
  • Income at 80% or below the median for Stanislaus county.  Qualification depends on the number of people in the family and is subject to change.  See the following income table.
Income Table ( HUD May 17, 2010 )
Number in Family 80% of the Median income for Stanislaus County
1 $33,350
2 $38,100
3 $42,850
4 $47,600
5 $51,450
6 $55,250
7 $59,050
8 $62,850

Investor Owned:
  • Tenants must live in a unit within the city limits of Turlock and have income at 80% or below the median for Stanislaus county.
  • Investor must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan while maintaining affordable rent.
  • Have good credit.

What work can be done with the loan money?

A home is an investment that brings joy to a family and must be protected from the weather and normal wear.  A home will deteriorate quickly if not maintained.  The following are some of the areas that can be repaired with loan funds:

Broken Windows
Pest Control
Interior/ Exterior Paint
Floor Coverings
Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel

Some improvements that can not be done are:

Barbecue Pits
Swimming Pools
Free-Standing Kitchen Appliances
Sprinkler Systems

What are the loan interest rates?

Housing Rehabilitation loans are available at the following annual percentage rates for a term of up to 20 years.

Home Owner:  5% interest
Investor Owned: 6.5% interest

The loan amount is determined by the scope of the work to be performed or the amount of equity remaining (90% loan to value), which ever is less.

A deferred payment plan is available for Home Owners with very low income (50% of the median income) and seniors (62 years old or older).

How do I get started?

Call the Housing Program Services Division today at (209) 668-5610 or TDD 1 800 735-2929 for more information.
The Staff will:

  • Assist you with application forms.
  • Perform an on-site survey of your property; work with you to determine what repairs need to be addressed.
  • Obtain bids from qualified contractors.
  • Monitor the construction process.
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Massachusetts Home Repair Programs For Low Income

The programs and resources listed below help homeowners with home repairs and improvements.

 -   MassHousing - home improvement, septic system repair, and lead paint removal loans
 -   Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) - emergency repair grants and home improvement loans
 -   Massachusetts Affiliates of Habitat for Humanity - through volunteer labor, builds houses for families in need
 -   Rebuilding Together, Inc. - assists low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners with home repairs
 -   Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission - home modification loan program for persons with disabilities
 -   Veterans Affairs Regional Loan Center - loans and grants to qualifying veterans to adapt existing dwelling to meet specific needs
 -   USDA Rural Development Office - home improvement loans and grants to low-income homeowners in rural areas
 -   Department of Public Health - lead poisoning prevention program
 -   Make your home more energy efficient

Programs by City/Town

 -   Adams
 -   Arlington
 -   Boston
 -   Cambridge
 -   Fairhaven
 -   Fall River
 -   Framingham
 -   Gardner
 -   Gloucester
 -   Haverhill
 -   Hull
 -   Lawrence
 -   Leominster
 -   Lowell
 -   Marlborough
 -   Milford
 -   New Bedford
 -   Newton
 -   Quincy
 -   Salisbury
 -   Somerville
 -   Southbridge
 -   Springfield
 -   Taunton
 -   Wakefield
 -   Waltham
 -   West Springfield
 -   Westfield
 -   Weymouth

Other Local Resources

 -   Boston Building Materials Cooperative - discounted building materials, advice, and technical assistance
 -   Boston Materials Resource Center - discounted building materials, advice and home improvement classes
 -   Title 5 - information about septic system repairs in Massachusetts
 -   Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation - file a complaint against a licensed contractor
 -   Find your local Better Business Bureau - check out Massachusetts contractors before starting home repairs
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Home Repair Programs For Low Income

The programs and resources listed below help homeowners with home repairs and improvements.

Philadelphia's Quick Guide to City Services

Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
(215) 448-2160
PHDC offers several home repair programs for low and moderate income households.

Heater Hotline Program
(215) 568-7190
Serves low-income homeowners whose heating systems (gas, oil, coal, electric) are in need of repairs.

Philadelphia Home Improvement Loan
(215) 854-6515
Provides below market rate home improvement loans for owner-occupied properties. No equity requirements & no appraisal is necessary for loan to be approved.

Homeowners Emergency Loan Program
(215) 685-4907
HELP is an emergency, residential customer loan program for homeowners who were issued a plumbing or drainage violation from the Philadelphia Water Department.

Eighteenth Street Development Corp.
1815 S. 18th St., 19145
(215) 271-0052
Home repairs program for low and moderate income homeowners living in the Point Breeze area. They also offer home maintenance and repair workshops.

Impact Services
124 E. Indiana Ave., 19134
(215) 739-1600
Building Materials Exchange - Community Service Division provides low-to-no-cost-building materials to low income Phila. Homeowners to assist them in rehabbing & maintaining their homes.

Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program (SHARP)
(215) 765-9000
A no-cost, minor home repair program for homeowners 60 and older. Priority to those 75 years old, living alone, disabled, and low income. Property must be structurally sound.

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Kent, Washington Home Repair Assistance

Click Here For Website

Home Repairs for Low/Moderate Income Homeowners

The City of Kent offers a variety of home repair services to low and moderate income owners of single-family houses, mobile homes* and condo units within the city limits of Kent.

*Mobile homes must be 1976 or newer with HUD certification, not received prior services and the occupant must be senior and/or disabled.

Repairs which help maintain the health and safety of occupants, preserve the dwelling or conserve energy to reduce heating costs through weatherization are eligible.

Preference is given to households occupied by senior citizen, low-income and disabled residents. Kent's Home Repair program is funded entirely through the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money.

 Minor Repairs are FREE! Minor repairs include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, disabled access, furnace service, storm doors, window repairs, roof repairs, smoke detectors and other smaller work items.

Major repairs include complete roof replacement, new heating systems, electrical system upgrades, and other big work items. 

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Your house, mobile home (must be 1976 or newer) or condo unit must be located within the city limits of Kent.
  2. You must have owned AND occupied your home for at least 1 year prior to application.
  3. Your household's annual gross income must not exceed federal income guidelines (see table below).
  4. In addition to income qualification, there is a maximum amount of personal assets that can be held and still be eligible for assistance.

Official HUD Income Guidelines for 2010 (effective March 14, 2010)

Maximum Annual Gross Income
1 $45,100
2 $51,550
3 $58,000
4 $64,400
5 $69,600
6 $74,750
7 $79,900
8 $85,050

For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Apply for Home Repair Assistance

Complete and return the Home Repair Application along with proof of ownership and income for anyone over the age of 18 residing in the household. Acceptable ownership documents include either a deed or tax bill for houses and condo's or, if living in a mobile home, a copy of the vehicle registration. For income verification include a copy(s) of the prior year or last filed income tax 1040 form. If you do not file for income taxes please complete the IRS 1040 form.

The Home Repair Assistance Application is in Portable Document Format (PDF). To print the application, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your personal computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader click on the Adobe icon to download the program.
Home Repair Assistance Application (25 KB PDF). 

You may also obtain an application packet by calling 253-856-5065 or by e-mail. Please include your complete mailing address! 
Send requests to Human Services.

If you live outside of the Kent City Limits in unincorporated King County you may qualify to receive services from the King County Housing Repair Program. King County's Housing Repair. 

Lifeline Program - Utility Rate Reductions

Senior citizens, low income or disabled residents may also qualify for the Lifeline Program. The City of Kent offers reduced rates to those in need.  Please call 253-856-5201 for more information.

Apply for the Home Repair Program Small Works Roster 

The City of Kent encourages all Contractors to apply for the City of Kent Home Repair Program Small Works Roster. The City of Kent Home Repair Program contracts for home repair services to be provided to Kent home owners receiving Home Repair services.

Qualifications. The City of Kent seeks firms that meet the qualifications below. If you do not meet the qualifications but have substantial compliance or superior compliance in other particular areas, Kent Home Repair may still accept an application at the sole discretion of the City of Kent.

  • Hold a State of Washington contractors license insurance at the time of application and throughout enlistment on the roster;
  • Hold specified insurance at the time of application and throughout enlistment on the roster;
  • Companies have been in business three consecutive years prior to application;
  • Companies have a responsible claims history, strong safety record and strong financial history.

The City of Kent Home Repair Program uses this Roster to invite contractors to bid on projects under $10,000. The agency invites at least three contractors in rotating order to submit quotes. The lowest reasonable and responsible bidder is selected. Projects include: roofing, electrical, furnace repair and replacement, sewer work, and general contracting.

Accepted applications remain on the Roster without expiration, although Kent asks you to refresh information every two years. Kent retains the right to remove or suspend a company at any time, based on the City opinion of the company's performance and responsibility. 

Download the Small Works Roster Application (60 KB PDF). 

Thank you for your interest. If you have questions, please contact Kent Home Repair, at 253-856-5065.

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Tacoma, Washington Home Repair Programs

Click Here For Website

Major Home Repair
If you or someone you know has a disability, is elderly and/or very low income, the Major Home Repair program may be able to provide for the repair or replacement of a failed component of your home, such as a heating system, roof, sewer, an unsafe electrical service, carpentry or inside plumbing. Loans up to $10,000 with no interest and no monthly payments are available to qualified individuals to pay for these repairs. If your income is at or below the following and you meet the other requirements, call us at 591-5236.

Minor Home Repair Program
Minor Home Repair is no longer a program offered by  the City of Tacoma. However, the Metropolitan Development Council has a similar program.  If you or someone you know has a disability or is elderly and very low income, this program may be able to pay for the repair or replacement of inexpensive components of your home, such as a water heater, faucet set, a handrail, or other minor repairs that are not a serious hazard but need to be repaired to prevent further damage or system failure. To qualify, these repairs must cost no more than than $400 to fix. If your income is at or below the following and you meet the other requirements, call Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) at 591-7020.

Income Guidelines for Major Home Repair and Minor Home Repair Programs
Effective: May 14, 2010

Family Size


Family Size


















Any questions or comments regarding the documents on this page should be forwarded to

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Washington County, Oregon Low Income Home Repair Programs

Washington County Low Income Home Repair Programs

Housing Rehabilitation Program Washington County

Office of Community Development Housing Rehabilitation Program
328 West Main, Ste. 100
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Contact person: Karen Alice Jones
Phone number: (503) 846-8897
TTY: (503) 846-4598

Program description: Low interest and deferred interest loans and grants are available to low income Washington County residents for home repairs and accessibility improvements. Home repair loans may be used to finance necessary repairs including roofing, plumbing, electrical and heating systems repair or replacement, weatherization, structural repairs, exterior painting and accessibility improvements. Homeowners are eligible for both repairs and accessibility improvements. Renters are eligible for accessibility improvements only.

Independent Living Resources, Inc.

Independent Living Resources, Inc.
2410 SE 11th
Portland, OR 97214

Contact person: Sue Westwood
Phone number: (503) 232-7411
TTY: (503) 232-8408

Program description: Provides information and referral for persons who are physically disabled, including accessible housing, and recreation. Also offers living skills and enrichment classes; peer advocacy and support; and transcription to Braille, large print, or cassette tape.

Minor Home Repairs And Adaptations 

Washington County Disability, Aging & Veteran Services (WCDAVS) Minor Home Repairs and Adaptations
180 E Main St., Suite 208
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Contact person: Amy Moreno
Phone number: (503) 846-3060

Program description: The Older Americans Act Home Repair Program (administered through WCDAVS) is designed to help clients over 60 years of age with minor modifications, home repairs and adaptations necessary to facilitate the ability of the older individual to remain at home. Repairs could include installing ramps, grab bars, furnace repairs, minor plumbing and electrical repairs, weatherization and other minor home repairs. OAA funds help senior clients who would otherwise experience a financial hardship if they had to pay for home repair services on their own.

Rebuilding Together

Washington County Rebuilding Together
12555 SW 4th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone number: (503) 644-4544
Fax: (503) 469-0219
E-mail address:

Program description: Provides free home repairs relating to warmth, safety, and independence to qualified low-income homeowners within Washington County. Priority given to elderly and disabled homeowners, or families with dependent children.


ReFit (formerly Remodelers Foundation)
9755 SW Barnes Rd., Suite 290
Portland, OR 97225

Contact person: Craig Hills, Executive Director
Phone number: (503) 698-8382

Program description: ReFit serves the elderly and persons with disabilities who own their own homes and are not eligible for other home repair programs. They provide necessary remodeling services for homeowners who wish to remain in their homes, but could not otherwise do so. They provide home modification, along with adaptive equipment such as ramps and grab bars. Applicants may not have monthly income of over $2,450 for an individual, or $2,800 for a couple.

Unlimited Choices, Inc./Adapt-A-Home

Unlimited Choices, Inc./Adapt-A-Home
211 SE 80th Avenue
Portland, OR 97215

Contact person: Brenda Jose
Phone number: (503) 234-6167
Fax: (503) 234-9980
E-mail address:

Program description: Unlimited Choices, Inc.™ is a private community based nonprofit organization serving Beaverton, Portland, Gresham, Multnomah County and Vancouver, WA residents. Founded in 1993, the organization is dedicated to providing people with physical disabilities the opportunity to retain or gain their independence by making affordable housing accessible.

Adapt-A-Home™ participants must qualify by HUD income guidelines and may be either renters or homeowners. Community Development Block Grant monies of up to $2,500 may be allocated for the materials and labor necessary to make residences accessible and safe. Unlimited Choices manages all project activities from the initial intake to final payment to the contractor.

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Bloomington, Indiana Emergency Home Repair Program

The Emergency Home Repair Program (E.H.R.) is intended to provide emergency assistance to low-income Bloomington homeowners.


A grant of up to $7,500 is available for owner-occupied houses and up to $3,500 for owner-occupied trailers. This money can be used only for true emergencies such as repair / replacement of a leaking roof, nonworking furnace or water heater, electrical issues, broken water pipes, etc., and associated structural damage.


General Program Requirements


  • Applicant's home must be located within the Bloomington city limits.
  • Applicant's current income must be within current HUD income guidelines based on area median income and family size

2010 Income Guidelines

To be eligible, the household must be at or below 60% area median income. Use the chart below to see if you are currently eligible for our housing loans or programs . Income guidelines are subject to change.

Family Size







Maximum Annual Household Income






  • The home must be owner-occupied.
  • Repairs must be within program funding guidelines.


Applying for the Program


  • Call HAND at 349-3401 and ask to speak with Kerry Slough about an Emergency Home Repair application.
  • Complete the application and return to HAND.
  • Upon verification of eligibility, you must meet with a HAND staff member before the situation at your property is reviewed.

Emergency Home Repair Application (PDF 15.94 KB)

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Urbana, Illinois Programs For Low Income Home Repair

Senior Repair Service (City of Urbana)

The Repair Service provides non-repayable grants up to $850 per household for minor home maintenance repairs to enable the citizen to maintain his/her property. Typical projects funded through the Repair Service include furnace and plumbing repairs, porch and step repair, ceiling, wall, and floor repairs. Eligibility requirements:

  • The applicant must own and occupy the home to be repaired for a minimum of one year. Trust Deeds and Contract Purchases are allowable.
  • The property must be located within the Urbana city limits.
  • The applicant for whom repairs are made must be 62 years old or older or a person with a disability of any age. A person with a disability is an individual either receiving disability payments or having a pending application for disability payments.
  • Household income may not exceed 50 percent of area median family income (see chart below for specific income limits).

The Urbana Grants Management Division will accept applications throughout the year subject to funding availability. Call (217) 384-2447 for more information.

Income Limits
Family Size
50% of MFI
80% of MFI

Emergency Grant Program (City of Urbana)

The Emergency Grant Program is available to very low-income homeowners for repair of health or safety items. Emergency grant funds are available only if the repair is immediately needed to mitigate a hazardous condition. Eligible activities include only those repairs necessary to alleviate a hazardous condition which poses a threat to the health and safety of the occupant, including repair or replacement of defective mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems, building components, and surfaces. Eligibility requirements:

  • The property must be owner-occupied for a minimum of one year. Trust Deeds and Contract Purchases are allowed.
  • The property must be located within the Urbana corporate limits.
  • Household income may not exceed 50 percent of area median family income.(See Income Limits chart above)
  • The owner must provide evidence of property insurance.

Maximum funding through the Emergency Grant Program is $5,000 per household. The Urbana Grants Management Division will accept applications throughout the year subject to funding availability. Call (217) 384-2447 for more information.

Access Grant Program (City of Urbana)

The Access Grant Program helps eliminate physical barriers that keep a person with a disability from using his or her home. Eligible households may receive up to $5,000 of home improvements from a non-repayable grant. Typical projects funded through the Access Grant Program include ramp installation, bathroom modifications, and door widening. Access grants may be used to renovate single-family homes as well as units in duplexes and multiple-family buildings. Eligibility requirements:

  • The applicant may be either a homeowner, renter or trust deed recipient.
  • Household income may not exceed 80 percent of area median family income. (See Income Limits chart above)
  • The property must be located within the Urbana corporate limits.

The Urbana Grants Management Division will accept applications throughout the year subject to funding availability. Call (217) 384-2447 for more information.

Get the Lead Out (GLO) Program

The City of Urbana and the Illinois Department of Public Health are working together to promote lead safe housing. Funds may be available to eliminate lead hazards in and around your home. Eligibility requirements are:

  • You must have a child 6 years old or younger living in your home.

  • Your home was built before 1978 and is within Urbana city limits.

  • There must be visible signs of deteriorating paint that might contribute to lead-based paint hazards.

  • Your household income may not exceed 50 percent of the area median family income. (See Income Limits chart above)

To see if you qualify for this program, call 384-2373 for more information. The Urbana Grants Management Division will accept applications throughout the year subject to funding availability.

Lead Fact Sheet

Whole-House Rehabilitation (City of Urbana)

(Only available to homeowners within the City's Community Development Target Area)

Grants and loans totaling up to $25,000 per project are available for renovation of owner-occupied housing. Half of the assistance is provided by the city in the form of a grant. The grant is generally not repaid to the city. The other half of the assistance is provided either by the city or by a local bank in the form of a loan. Eligible activities include general repairs which will bring the house into compliance with City codes. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Repair or replacement of defective mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
  • Repair or replacement of defective building components and surfaces, i.e., foundations, roofs, porches and stairways, floors, ceilings and walls, doors and windows, siding and trim.
  • Energy conservation activities, i.e., insulation, caulking and weather-stripping, siding, doors, and windows.
  • Lead paint hazard reduction.
  • Accessibility for disabled persons.
  • Incipient repairs and general property improvements of a non-luxury nature.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The property must be a single-family residence located within the Urbana Community Development Target Area (north and east central Urbana). The property must be owned and occupied for a minimum of one year.
  • Household income may not exceed 80 percent of area median family income. For persons with income at or below 50 percent of area median family income, the loan portion of the financing is provided by the city at no interest and with no monthly payments. The loan portion is due back to the city upon the sale of the property or transfer of title. For persons with income greater than 50 percent of area median family income but not more than 80 percent of area median family income, the loan portion is provided by a local bank with payments of principal and interest due monthly for up to ten years.

Applications for the whole-house rehabilitation program are processed from a program waiting list maintained by the Urbana Grants Management Division. The Grants Management Division periodically accepts names for the waiting list. Applicants are selected for funding from the waiting list based on household and housing need. Call (217) 384-2447 for more information.

Weatherization Program (Champaign County Regional Planning Commission)

The Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) provides energy saving services for home weatherization. Work funded through the program includes caulking, insulation, window repair and replacement, door repair and replacement, and repair or replacement of heating systems. The dwelling to be weatherized must be located within Champaign County.

While the program primarily serves homeowners, renters may be assisted if they are otherwise eligible and if the property owner contributes half of the funds needed for the weatherization work. Income-eligible households with relatively high energy bills and with either young children, persons with disabilities, or elderly persons receive priority for funding. Contact the CCRPC at (217) 384-1226 for further information.

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